Hello! I am Auste Skrupskyte!

Ars Bene Vivendi ( from Latin - The Art of Living Well ) is my personal lifestyle blog. I adore pretty much anything creative and all forms of art from design, photography, writing, music, paintings to movies, style, cooking and baking. Besides that I have a huge interest for web, digital culture, technologies, social media and startups. You might find some things about it here also.

I am a big coffee, red wine and long mornings' lover as well as a very positive person. I always have many ideas, dreams in my head and like to leave my comfort zone in order to achieve them.

I am 21 and I am from Lithuania, lived in London for three years and graduated from BA Advertising at University of the Arts London. I moved to Berlin on the 1st of September, 2015.

This is the city, which inspires me a lot every single day now. I am always trying to share the authentic moments and my honest thoughts. This blog has my fingerprints. Some things make sense, some doesn't, but that is me, the real me.

Follow me on social media (a_uste) & I honestly hope I can make you smile.