The Roofs of Berlin

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Four months ago I was sitting in this place for the first time and overlooking Berlin. I knew it is a perfect city to live in for me. Something in between my life in London and Lithuania. Not only it is actually in the middle and closer to both cities I care about, but it has the right atmosphere. That crazy and international London vibe, mixed with a bit more natural and slower lifestyle, which we have in Lithuania. 

I know you know I am happy here and I cannot tell you how grateful I am I was able to decide where to live when changing the countries. This move was one of the most spontaneous things I've ever done in my life. Despite the fact, I am honestly thankful to everyone, who helped and are helping me to settle here, to feel safe, to meet their friends and friends of friends and overall - to feel better and better every single day now, so I have to use this opportunity and do all the best I can now. 

I am telling you, go out there! There is a lot more to experience and even if I feel this is the right city, you never know where your life can bring you. Do what feels right and be up for crazy big changes. That is an unbelievable experience. And you know, what? The right time is now.

Was out and about with my new friends in Klunkerkranich (Neukölln, Berlin). But about new friends, friends of friends and how do I meet them - next time.

Enjoy looking at the roofs of Berlin.


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New home. Berlin.

IMG_7602 auste

After ages of consideration and many changes, I'm back. Almost one year later I can say, this was an intense year. I've graduated from the university, worked for a young and busy start-up, felt in love, travelled a bit, got tired of London and have decided to make a big change.

Actually, even before making that big change, I was standing on the crossroad of my life and was considering to either follow the same road or to spice up the things a little and to jump out of my comfort zone. This felt right, as there was nothing too big keeping me attached to London and three years seemed more than enough, so the day has come. Visiting Berlin for the sixth time, I realised how right it feels to be here. 

I call this place home for one month and a half already, and so I can only confirm the fact. It feels right. It is more relaxed, more natural and always alive. This city is charming. And even though you wouldn't expect to see the photos like this on a tourist's camera visiting Berlin - that is exactly what I want you to feel. The real vibe of Berlin and my life in Berlin.

Ars Bene Vivendi from Berlin.

Saturday in the forest.

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Pure perfection | mood board

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Spending too much time while trying to create a perfect Instagram feed.
Drinking too much coffee.
Wasting my time while telling people how busy I am, instead of putting my energy into new projects.

At least I know that now.

People say blogging - is the way to show where about you are in your life, how do you think today, where are your inspirations coming from & what project you are working on. Let's try one more time.

Here is my mood board (our), (will introduce people I am working with soon) as well as my new projects.

(random photos from pinterest, collages by me)