New home. Berlin.

IMG_7602 auste

After ages of consideration and many changes, I'm back. Almost one year later I can say, this was an intense year. I've graduated from the university, worked for a young and busy start-up, felt in love, travelled a bit, got tired of London and have decided to make a big change.

Actually, even before making that big change, I was standing on the crossroad of my life and was considering to either follow the same road or to spice up the things a little and to jump out of my comfort zone. This felt right, as there was nothing too big keeping me attached to London and three years seemed more than enough, so the day has come. Visiting Berlin for the sixth time, I realised how right it feels to be here. 

I call this place home for one month and a half already, and so I can only confirm the fact. It feels right. It is more relaxed, more natural and always alive. This city is charming. And even though you wouldn't expect to see the photos like this on a tourist's camera visiting Berlin - that is exactly what I want you to feel. The real vibe of Berlin and my life in Berlin.

Ars Bene Vivendi from Berlin.

Saturday in the forest.

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